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When a client exhibits back pain, the responsible trainer will investigate which muscle imbalances are present and start improving the structure of the body. If the client was to see their GP, more often than not, they are prescribed painkillers or cortisone injections, to numb the pain, as opposed to lifestyle changes such as exercise.


Your One Precious Life- Sore Back - Health Coach in Robina Gold Coast
Rectifying the Imbalance to Re-instate Harmony

Working on muscle imbalances in clients resulted in some being pain-free, others had to keep doing their corrective exercises and for some, no matter what we did, the pain would still be there. This led me to question whether correcting physical muscle imbalances was really seeing to the root cause of the problem. Perhaps there was something underlying that the body was screaming out in pain in order to be acknowledged? Therefore would it not be better to truly get to the root cause of the problem and heal it from there, instead of masking the body’s cry for help?

In Tune With Our Bodies Energy Systems

Energy work such as Reiki, a form of vibrational healing has made me aware of a Life-Force Energy present in our bodies. This Energy is also known as Chi, Ki and Prana, and is an unseen energy that flows through all living things and is connected to one’s quality of health. This energy can be blocked at various parts of the body and many believe that this is due to one’s stress and emotions. Deepak Chopra, medical doctor and spiritual writer explains, ‘‘Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts.” indicating the significance of stress and emotions on the body.

Your One Precious Life- Meditation - Health Coach in Robina Gold Coast
Your One Precious Life- Calm - Health Coach in Robina Gold Coast
Neuro-Linguistic Programming

During an Energy session, energy is transmitted to the client to remove blockages caused by stress, allowing unimpeded energy flow which, in turn allows the body to regenerate, strengthen, cleanse and clear. The Intuitive Energy Work combines all that I have learnt through NLP*, hypnotherapy, Reiki and exercise to get to the root cause of the problem, be it stress, fear or pain, bringing about awareness of the stress and thus working on balancing the whole – body, mind and soul.

So, is this the root cause? Only one way to find out…

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