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Wellness Beyond the Hype

Having worked in fitness, health, rehab and wellbeing for a couple of decades I get over hearing about the latest weight loss magic bullet, whether it is a medical miracle or the marketing spin of some influencer/celebrity.

3 Simple Steps to Weight Loss Mindset

In the age of zero responsibility and maximum media coercion, I am here to suggest 3 simple steps (proven by psychology and health science).

    • Slow down. When you rush to your meeting, picking the kids up, getting your list of sh!t done, S L O W I N G down means you have time to pay more attention to all the things that make you (and might be breaking you) PLUS you can grab a deep breath. Link this to step 2…
    • Pay attention. Lifestyle changes and physical changes come through consistency. Before you make a list of sweeping changes to do a complete overhaul on your life – start simple. Pay attention to what you do and how you feel in your body about it. I don’t want you to change or do anything about them.
Wellness weight loss hype

A suggested list: Look at, smell and really taste your food. Be grateful for it, to the cook, the produce, the fact it is literally making you and keeping you alive! (DO NOT watch TV or your phone during meal time). Things you might notice, food reactions – burp, fart, bloat. Eating too fast. Eating foods you don’t actually enjoy. New sensations, taste, flavour!?

Stinking thinkin’ – become aware of your automatic thoughts, are you hard wired to be snappy, cranky, short spoken or perhaps you withdraw and endure. Do you live a life of unending stress, letting your mind run the show. Life is not DOING anything to you, you are what you see, feel and think about the circumstances and occurrences of life. PERCEPTION matters. I am not promising a bed of roses, but I am suggesting you see them, enjoy their beauty and smell their sweet scent when they present in your life, rather than only seeing thorns and manure!! If you’d like to delve further here – check out this blog post from one of my mentors, Paul Chek.

    • Fresh air or movement break. Set an alarm, every 2 hours MINIMUM. Get up out of the chair and walk outside for 30 paces breathing deep. (Look for my other blog post on box breathing to help here). If you can’t get outside, I want 30 mini squats, inhale at the top, exhale through the movement. Inhale the good, exhale the used up. GET UP NOW AND GIVE ME 30.

The simple things are often the hardest.

They seem too simple to make much of a difference.

Trust me and try it. And let me know how you go.

Come see me in person for a weekly sit – zen moments. If there isn’t a time that suits you, or you’d prefer to join in online via Zoom contact me.

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